Five Little Cupcakes in the Bakery Shop

So, last year I cheated.  I found these cupcakes on Storytime Katie's blog, and I printed them out on cardstock, cut them out, laminated them and stuck a square of velcro on the back.  I was all set for Five Little Cupcakes in the Bakery Shop--and they've served me well.

However, it was time to make a felt set of cupcakes, and with the Flannel Friday Birthday Extravaganza coming up, I decided there was no time like the present.  (Which led me to make a set of felt presents, too--but that's another post!)

So, here are my sprinkle-covered, fancy-papered, puffy-painted cupcakes.  I want to eat them...  They came from a google search of cupcake images.  There are a gazillion, and they made me hungry.

And here's the poem I use with these little sweeties:

Down around the corner at the bakery shop
Were five yummy cupcakes with sprinkles on top
Along came ________ with a dollar to pay
He/she bought a cupcake,  and took it away!
(continue, counting down...)

I usually use a bear puppet and a laminated piece of pretend money, but when my group of kids is small, I have the children come up and take a cupcake.  With the puppet, it's fun to have him eat really messily, but then he starts to get a bit of a tummy ache as he keeps going.  By the end, he's just taking a small bite, and chopping up the last cupcakes to share with the children!

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