Saturday, March 26, 2016

So Many Fish!

I've updated this post with pictures of my new fishies!  See below for the chant that goes along with this one--though now that I've made this big new set, I can see lots of other ways to use these,  similar to ways we use my Mitten Match set...
Buy this set  at my Etsy shop:

This is a set I made many years ago.  The fish are cut from sheets of foam.  I drew them with coordinating colors of marker on the foam and then cut them out, and stuck a square of velcro on the back of each one.  I think this probably works best in a classroom, where the teachers know the names of all the children--not sure how valuable it would be for librarians, unless you know your group well enough that you know every child's name...  It definitely works well for me when I have a smaller group of children, so there's not a long wait for anyone to come up and take their fish.

With my new found skills and insight (!) I will be re-making this set using felt (no little velcro squares to tempt the children to peel, peel, peel), and I will make the fish much bigger.  These are fine for small group time, but bigger is generally better.  I'm not sure why I always made my story/game pieces so small in the past.  What was I thinking?

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