Little Broom Hide and Seek

 I've written about this Halloween game before, right here.  

You've seen these fine fellows in other posts, like this one, too.  Remember?  They look like this:

But I've only just gotten around to publishing the Little Broom Hide and Seek video, and I thought it deserved it's very own post.  So that's why we're here :)

If you need to know more about Little Mouse and all the fun to be had with this game, please check out all these fun versions of the classic preschool game!  

And now, for Little Broom in all it's not-very-scary action.... (Please take note of my blunder at the end, as well as all the vocabulary, position words, color naming and more early learning that goes on in this one!)

Trick or Treat Ghost Count Down!

Let's count some colorful ghosts, shall we?

This fun ghost felt board counting rhyme is all about not-so-spooky Halloween fun 😊 Get the kids counting down and having Halloween fun with this sweet little rhyme. The video shows simple ways to introduce Halloween concepts in a non-scary way.

Here are the ghosts (you can see lots more about them here and here, too!):

And here's the video:

Another Halloween Rhyme!

This Halloween felt board rhyme is simple and sweet. It exposes the kids to Halloween vocabulary words and concepts in a way that is sweet instead of scary. Using this type of felt board rhyme, with visuals to go along with the words, helps those little brains absorb all that early learning goodness 😊

Here are the felt pieces I used in the video:

Here are the lyrics:

Lots of Halloween friends, some are spooky some are sweet…

A friendly witch and some candy--that’s a yummy treat.

Here come some black ones now—bubbling cauldron… prowling cat.

And now two spooky fliers—white ghost and brown bat.

We need a jack-o-lantern, to shine on Halloween night.

And here’s a wiggly spider--it might give you a fright!

This little house is haunted—I won’t go inside those rooms!

This witch’s hat is pointy and it makes a great costume.

So many Halloween friends we have, some spooky, some sweet…

And don’t forget on Halloween Night to say “Trick or Treat!”

And here's video:

I Went Trick or Treating!

 Ah, another not-scary-at-all Halloween rhyme!

I don't like to scare kids.  But I do like Halloween :)  So let's put not-scary Halloween fun into the mix this year with this simple Halloween felt board rhyme!

I like this one because it has fun Halloween vocabulary words like "swooping" and "costume" mixed with colors and rhyming...   A witch's brew of Halloween early learning delight, if you will :) 

You can learn all the words and join in on the rhyme--here's the video demo for you: