Diwali Is Here!

I've written about my Diwali set before.

You can find that post right here.  But I just this minute added a video of this song!  I love making up new words to familiar tunes, because it's simple for adults and kids to learn them and join in :)

Here are the lyrics:

Diwali is Here 

to the tune of Farmer in the Dell

As you sing about each felt piece, place it on the board. 

Diwali is here, Diwali is here

Light the paper lanterns now,

Diwali is here!

Diwali is here, Diwali is here, 

Play the music loud and clear,

Diwali is here!

Diwali is here, Diwali is here,

Fireworks on the third night, 

Diwali is here!

Diwali is here, Diwali is here, 

Light the Diya lamps one by one,

Diwali is here!

Diwali is here, Diwali is here, 

Rangoli patterns on the floor,

Diwali is here!

Diwali is here, Diwali is here, 

Share some treats and give some gifts,

Diwali is here!

And here's a video so you can sing along :) 

Six Colorful Houses: A Felt Board Color and Counting Rhyme

Wait, MORE colors and counting?!

(click the photo for all the details)

Yep, I'm on a roll with colors and counting this month!  It's back to school time, so I suppose those are good concepts to be focusing on as the older preschoolers head back to school :)  

This felt board set is absolutely one of my favorites.  I've used it a zillion times, and I've written about it here.

But it's time to add more--I need this to be a multi-use set.  Saves storage space, and planning time, and stress!  So here we go with a new rhyme.  Fans of building, construction, counting and colors are going to love this Six Colorful Houses finger play and felt board rhyme!

This fun Six Colorful house finger play and rhyme is so fun for kids (and teachers) at circle time or story time. House and construction vocabulary words are introduced or re-enforced; color naming and counting are sneakily tucked inside, too! Let’s play to learn!

Counting Down Trucks!

 Ah, colors, counting and construction.  What could be better?  

No time for a big intro on this one, but you can see these colorful trucks in this post, and this one too.  Those two are great for early literacy skills like rhyming and naming letters, to name just a few.

But this new rhyme has the bonus of early math packed into it!  Of course with all the rhyming involved there's early literacy in there, too.  And it's just all around fun, especially for those kids who really love trucks, and construction, and all things road-related :)

Here's are the trucks (click the picture for all the details)

And here's the video of the rhyme:

(Ohh, and now there's also a pattern for these cuties!  Just click below :) )

Hey Diddle Diddle Felt Board Set: Brown Bear Version

If you're like me, you like simple things.  

Simple songs.  

Simple rhymes.

Frequent repetition so things are...simpler!

And if you're like me, you're also very familiar with the following three things:

1.  Hey Diddle Diddle the Cat & the Fiddle

2.  Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See

3.  Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

And if you're like me in one last way, you like to mix things up.

If you fit the bill, you're going to love this one.  I've combined all three of those fabulous simple things into one fabulous simple felt board activity.

Let's keep this simple--here's the video :)  Enjoy!