Thursday, December 10, 2015

Flannel Friday: Little Mouse Variations

We've been doing Little Mouse variations for years in my classroom--it is always a winner with children ages 2-4.  Up until this year we had a little mouse who hid in a house, a little fox who hid in a box, and a little cat who hid in a hat.  They are well loved and still around, but recently I went a little crazy and made several new versions! 

The chant is as follows, subbing the bold words as appropriate:

Little mouse, little mouse, are you in the green house

And then you use all kinds of dramatic techniques to check behind the house, act confused/disappointed/stumped/etc. as you seek out that crazy critter! We like to pat our legs as we do the chant, just to get the kids even more involved and aware of the rhythm...  And of course invite them to tell you which color to check under (sometimes just lightly touching the one YOU want to do next will send a subliminal message and they'll 'choose' it for you!)

Here's an example of this set in action (click to see the video!):

The little duck and the trucks above, and the little bug and rugs below, were made based on clip art.  (I often include the word "cute" in my google searches for various clip art samples.)

Flannel Board Little Bug/Rug

The Little Peacock/Clock set below is printed out on card stock and laminated, with a sticky square of velcro applied to the back.  I have done the same with a dinosaur and a set of doors.

Flannel Board Little Peacock/Clock

Below is another variation called Piggy Piggy Pancake (I originally found this here.)  I'm pretty sure I made the pigs based on Judy Sierra's pig pattern from a book I downloaded (free a few months ago, but now it's $10).  The pancakes are based on clip art.  Same idea with this game, but the chant is:

Pink piggy, pink piggy, let me see...
Do you have some yummy pancakes for me??!

(We do a lot of snorting and pretending to eat like a pig in this one--it's so much better that way :) We sometimes even have to hose off the syrup that gets all over everyone from eating so sloppily!)

This particular set is for sale, and you can also check out my shop with many of my other sets:

There are several other rhyming things to do with this (frogs and logs or clogs; bears and chairs; ants and plants), but an easier chant to use, in which you can just randomly pick animals and objects is this:

Little _______, Little _____________, 
Playing Hide and Seek, 
Are you in the (red) ________________?
Let's take a peek!

So really, you could just print out a bunch of small creatures and critters, and a bunch of slightly larger familiar objects, and have a hide and seek party!  


The Flannel Friday Roundup is being hosted by Lisa at Libraryland.  Be sure to check out more fantastic Flannel Friday ideas at Pinterest or the Flannel Friday blog!


  1. Can't wait to try these! Very creative. The kids are going to love them. Thank you!

  2. Hi Wendy, I just discovered your blog and added you to Jbrary's blogroll. Would you mind if I added some of these variations to my Jbrary post here:

    1. Oh my gosh, I'd be thrilled! Thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll--I have been spreading the word about your wonderful site and Youtube videos to all my preschool teacher cohorts! What you are offering is so helpful to newcomers to the field, as well as old timers like myself :)