Friday, May 31, 2019

Dress the Baby!

Okay, I have to say I just love this cute Dress the Baby felt set.  I had a custom request to make a set for toddlers to play with during a baby shower, and this is the result.  Gah--SO adorable!

Kids young and old love babies, so this actually works well for such a large age range.  I picture this Dress the Baby set being used independently in homes, classrooms and at library felt tables.  But of course it would also work well at a circle time or story time.  Hand out the pieces and let the children come put them on that poor cold baby, lol.  Great to encourage color recognition/naming, clothing and baby vocabulary, etc.

Here's an adorable little song from the adorable duo at JBrary that would work so well with this set!  Baby Put Your Pants On

Here's a link to my other Clothing sets for more/similar ideas on how to use this guy.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Fine Motor Fun for Gross Motor Kids

Here's a post about a simple activity that just might lure those gross motor loving kids over to the scissors for a little fine motor fun :)