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I was a preschool teacher for about 25 years, and in that time I learned so much about preschoolers.  I think one of my most valuable lessons is that children learn best through play.  They are most motivated to stay engaged with something that they have chosen themselves, and that they are interested in; something that they get to start and end when they are ready to do so.
I'm a member of several preschool Facebook groups, and I see a lot of questions about how to teach children colors, shapes, numbers, and letters.  As with most things, my answer is "through play".  I could go on and on about this, but instead I'll share this felt set!  

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Using a set like this is a perfect way for children to learn colors, shapes, and sizes.  It lends itself to building imagination; fine motor skills; and math concepts like sorting and patterning.  But the best part about it is that's it's open-ended fun! 

"Teach" about colors and shapes and sizes as you read awesome books like Lemons are Not Red or Round is a Mooncake, and as you do chants like This is Big --and of course as you interact naturally but intentionally with the children in your care as they play!

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Pete the Cat's Shoes

I had a special request from a teacher to make a Pete the Cat--I Love my White Shoes set.  I copied my Pete from my Four Groovy Buttons set, but this time made Pete all from one piece of felt--no detachable head this time around!  Clip art searches provided the inspiration for the shoes and other items.  I'm happy with how he turned out--hopefully the kids in her classroom will be, too :)

If you're looking for other cat felt sets, I've got some here and here.

Lisa at LibraryLand is hosting Flannel Friday this week.  You can also find tons of ideas at Flannel Friday's Pinterest Pages, the Flannel Friday Blog, and Flannel Friday's Facebook page.

Frankie's Face

Continuing with my way-too-early Halloween sets!  I'm happy to debut Frankie's Face--another set that can be used during a story time, or individually by kids at a felt table.  I think a huge version of this on a felt wall would be awesome, too!  See my Witchy post for a few ideas on how to use this with a group...  

So, Frank is obviously great for a Halloween or Monster story time, but he could also work with an All About Me theme (talk about skin color!  Eye color!  Hair styles!  Scars!), or an Emotions theme (show how those eyebrow and mouth positions can indicate various emotions...)

Although these cuties are no longer available, I have lots of other fun holiday sets for sale!


Halloween is fast approaching, and I thought it would be fun to make a not very scary witch set!

These little witches are perfect for kids at home or in the classroom.  Celebrate Halloween without all the sugar, and allow kids to work through their fears or worries by having control over something that might be a little scary for them!

This set is great for the fine motor table, individual felt boards, or for a felt table in the library.   Fine motor skills are enhanced when children play with felt sets, as they pinch, press, place and replace the pieces.

During a story time, pieces can be handed out so the children can help dress those cute little witches!  You could also do a version of How Do I Put it On (like this one).  Lots of color and body parts recognition and naming with this set...

Baby Bottles

As the school year starts back up, it's time to get back to basics.  There's nothing more basic than a baby bottle!  I thought I'd do a little take on 100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, but make it a little more kid-friendly!  So here's 
Five Bottles of Milk on the Wall :)

Five Bottles of Milk on the Wall
Five bottles of milk on the wall, 
Five bottles of milk.
Take one down, pass it around...
Four bottles of milk on the wall!
(Repeat until there are no bottles left, and make comments about all the babies that are crying!)

No bottles of milk on the wall, no bottles of milk.
Go to the store, buy some more...
Five bottles of milk on the wall!

And here's another similar song I grew up with--my take on Five Green Bottles:

Five Baby Bottles Sitting on the Wall
Five baby bottles, sitting on the wall, 
Five baby bottles, sitting on the wall.
If one of those bottles, should accidentally fall...
There'd be four baby bottles, sitting on the wall!

If you have any felt babies, feel free to add them to the board.  Mine are from my Five Little Babies Bouncing in the Crib set.

Lots of my sets can be found in my shop!

Laura at One for the Books is hosting the Roundup this week.  You can also find tons of ideas at Flannel Friday's Pinterest Pages, the Flannel Friday Blog, and Flannel Friday's Facebook page.