Monday, May 13, 2019

Fine Motor Fun for Gross Motor Kids

Here's a post about a simple activity that just might lure those gross motor loving kids over to the scissors for a little fine motor fun :) 

Friday, April 19, 2019

Bear Sleeps All Winter Long

Here's a set that goes along with this story (or at least a version of this story.) I made this one for a wonderful librarian (aren't they all?!)

Get all kinds of fabulous flannel board ideas at the Flannel Friday Pinterest page.

Check out my YouTube channel to see lots of felt sets in action!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Song Strips Save the Day!

Song Strips!  They can mean the difference between a meltdown day and a lovely morning...  There's no one trick that keeps everything running smoothly all the time.  But my Song Strips helped me over the years during transition times, during Circle Times, and often when a small friend needed a big distraction.  Click the picture below to read all about it--and get a free mini version of my Can of Songs!

Monday, April 8, 2019

Building Math Skills through Play

Math is everywhere!  Check out my blog post about building your preschoolers' math skills simply by playing with them...

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Five Little Ducks on YouTube

Perhaps you already know the tune and movements to Five Little Ducks.  But it's always fun to watch someone else perform, isn't it?  Come join me over on my YouTube channel for my little rendition!  And bring your kids with you for a few minutes of fun, with learning secretly tucked inside...

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Flannel Board Sets in Action!

It's in the very early stages, so nice details like backgrounds and all that good stuff are not looking great, but I started a YouTube channel to share my sets, songs, games, etc.  Come on over and visit me!

Friday, March 8, 2019

10 in a Cave

You might recognize these sweeties from my Five in the Bed set.  This set was a custom order for a kindergarten teacher.  
10 bears and a cave--what's not to love?!

Get inspired to make up a 10 bear rhyme with my 5 in the Bed ideas.

And of course, you could do something simple like:

Ten Brown Bears in a Cave
(to the tune of 100 bottles of beer on the wall!)
Ten brown bears in a cave,
 Ten brown bears, 
One wakes up,
Gives a quick wave, 
Nine brown bears in a cave!
(and then continue to count down. ) 

Or (to the Tune of Farmer Brown's Apples)
Ten brown bears, take a winter's sleep.
Ten brown bears, take a winter's sleep.
If one of those bears, 
Should wake without a peep...
There'd be nine brown bears
Taking a winter's sleep.

You could also make up a variation using the Jellyfish song

Have fun--and visit me on Instagram to see my sets in action!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Tips for Choosing Fine Motor Toys

Looking for simple materials to use in the classroom or at home to ensure preschoolers' fine motor development? 
 Check out my blog post!

Friday, February 8, 2019


Well, it's definitely not the dog days of summer right now, but these guys are too cute not to share :)  These were a custom request to go along with a dog story the customer had written, but check out some ideas below on how to use these cute pups!

Naturally, I have to make a Little Mouse version out of these.  A simple clipart flea or bone can be printed out and laminated.  Attach a dot of velcro to the back, and you're all set!
Little Flea
Little flea, little flea,
Playing Hide and Seek,
Are you under the pit bull/retriever/chihuahua/etc?
Let's take a peek!

Six Friendly Dogs
One friendly dog with not much to do,
Along comes another dog and that makes two.
Two playful dogs, barking up a tree,
Along comes another dog and that makes three.
Three tired dogs, asleep on the floor,
Along comes another dog and that makes four.
Four barking dogs waiting for a friend to arrive,
Finally she comes along and that makes five.
Five loyal dogs, run to catch some sticks,
Along comes the last one,
And that makes six.

You can find all sorts of flannel board goodness at the Flannel Friday Pinterest Boards!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Dinosaur Activities for Preschoolers

Come visit me over at my blog for a quick and easy post about all my favorite dinosaur-related preschool stuff!  Click the dinosaurs below to head right over ;)

Sunday, December 30, 2018

50% off Holiday Sets!

I'm clearing out a couple of my winter holiday sets to make room for new designs coming this year :)  These two are perfect for the fine motor area of your classroom or library--ages 3-7 really love these!  Each set comes with a list of related book titles to check out at the library, as well as the lyrics to a few rhymes and songs that go along with the theme.

This is a quick sale--just today and tomorrow, 
12/30 and 12/31/18--
and there are only a few of each set left!

Click either picture below to be taken to the holiday section of my Etsy shop:

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Making Letters With "Stuff"

This is a fun small group activity to do when the kids are showing interest in letters.  We give them various lengths of string; small, medium and larger sticks; and bring out some printed letters to give them some guidance.  This is so fun, and a great way for them to see how curves and straight lines can be made.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Dramatic Play With Chairs!

The simplest things provide such complex play experiences!  Simply lining up a few chairs is an invitation to play that will lead to all sorts of amazing dramatic play activities.  Watch as the kids pretend to go on car trips, bus or train trips, airplane adventures,  on safaris or to outer space, etc.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Super Hero Love :)

Super Hero story time coming up?  Here are some cuties to go along with it.  This set was inspired by Miss Meg at Miss Meg's Storytime.

Leah at Sunflower Storytime has a slew of super hero ideas right here!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Using Ramps at Small Group time

Science and math happen all the time during play, but sometimes its fun (or necessary for assessment reasons) to set up an activity and take the time to make note of what the kids know and understand.  Ramps are a great option for this, because they are fun, easily accessible, and kids love them! 

When I planned with my co-teachers for small group activities, there were two main goals:  1.  We wanted the kids to have fun and 2. We wanted the activity to allow us to easily gather the info we needed for whatever assessment we were focusing on.  For this activity, our assessment goals were to see whether the children used and understood distance, position and comparison words like close, far, near, farther, closer, higher, lower, faster, slower, etc.

So all we need for this activity are ramps (we had flat boards and some double unit blocks that we used) various things to prop them on at varying heights, balls and other small toys that do and don't roll, a roll of masking tape, and a pen.

We'd break the kids up into pairs (this is a great time to pair up kids who might not normally choose to work together, just to expand their horizons!) and give them all of the materials (other than the pen, which you'll be using).  We'd give them a little prep or a challenge, like "Can you guys see which of your toys can roll or slide down your ramp the fastest?"  And off they go!  

As they work together, using tape to mark where their toys land, you can write the names of the items on those pieces of tape, and encourage them to try things in different ways.  "What if you make your ramp lower?  Does that make the ball roll faster or slower?  Does the block go far from the ramp, or stay close?  How can you make your toys move more quickly?  Why can't things roll UP the ramp?"  Have a notepad or clipboard all set up ahead of time with the kids' names already printed, and jot down notes about what they do and say to transfer to your assessment tool later.  You can even use the marked pieces of tape to make a graph with the kids, noting which things traveled farthest from the ramp...

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Making Beads

Here's a nice little activity that extends over several days, builds lots of skills (such as fine motor, creativity, and cause and effect!) and is just plain fun :)

We used the awesome book Mudworks by Mary Ann Kohl to create a batch of dough for making beads...

Once our dough was just right, we rolled it into various small shapes.

We poked holes into the dough shapes with the ends of thin paintbrushes:

We had to wait several days for the dough beads to dry, but when they were finally ready, we painted them.  Then, when the paint was dry we strung our beads onto string and made bracelets and necklaces!