Counting Down Trucks!

 Ah, colors, counting and construction.  What could be better?  

No time for a big intro on this one, but you can see these colorful trucks in this post, and this one too.  Those two are great for early literacy skills like rhyming and naming letters, to name just a few.

But this new rhyme has the bonus of early math packed into it!  Of course with all the rhyming involved there's early literacy in there, too.  And it's just all around fun, especially for those kids who really love trucks, and construction, and all things road-related :)

Here's are the trucks (click the picture for all the details)

And here's the video of the rhyme:

Hey Diddle Diddle Felt Board Set: Brown Bear Version

If you're like me, you like simple things.  

Simple songs.  

Simple rhymes.

Frequent repetition so things are...simpler!

And if you're like me, you're also very familiar with the following three things:

1.  Hey Diddle Diddle the Cat & the Fiddle

2.  Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See

3.  Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

And if you're like me in one last way, you like to mix things up.

If you fit the bill, you're going to love this one.  I've combined all three of those fabulous simple things into one fabulous simple felt board activity.

Let's keep this simple--here's the video :)  Enjoy!

Squirrel and Acorn Felt Board: Acorn Count UP!

I love a good squirrel rhyme, don't you?

Wait--what?  You don't know any?  Well, here I am to the rescue!  I've shared a squirrel song before right here, in fact.

But now you can add this one to your squirrel repertoire!  This sweet squirrel rhyme gets your kids engaged as they do the fingerplay movements, and reinforces early math concepts in a playful way.

It's another felt board activity in which we get to count UP, similar to this pig one, which I think you'll also like!

But anyway, let the acorn hiding begin!  Come count and rhyme with me!

Apple Tree Felt Board: Farmer Brown's Apples!

I never get tired of apples, and I never get tired of apple felt boards!  And I never get tired of making up (or piggy backing) apple songs and rhymes to use at circle time...

You can see past apple felt board fun right here.

But onward we must go!  Or backwards, in this case--to a song from way back in my early days of teaching.  

Now there are LOTS of ways to mix this song up.  

🍏I've done it by inviting children up to pick an apple of the tree and pretend to eat it.  

🍎I've been the farmer and eaten all the apples myself!

🍏I've had a puppet eat the apples, too.

🍎And in this version, I use felt characters from my dragon, elephant, Over in the Meadow, unicorn, and Kwanzaa sets to munch up those sweet, crispy apples!  

I kind of love this song, and I hope you will, too!  Let's sing!

Apple Tree Felt Board: Wiggly Worm Hide & Seek!

Apples + circle time.  They go together like peanut butter and jelly.  In fact, they're so popular that I have written about them before: here, and here, and even here!

🐁 πŸ’—And combined with my love of the classic circle time game Little Mouse, I love apple felt board sets even more :)  (Rhyming.  Early literacy.  Color recognition.  Fun.  πŸ’—)

Throw in a cute, wiggly worm, and my heart is all aflutter ;) 

If you need a little more info on why and how the Little Mouse game is so fabulous, please take a look here and definitely here.  

And if you need no introduction, let's just skip right to the video!

Apple Tree Felt Board: Apple Count Up!

It's been a long time, but I've written about this apple felt board set once before, right here.  And in that post, I did include these lyrics, but it's not till now that I've finally got a video for you!

This apple circle time counting song is a great way to get the kids counting UP from 1-5. It’s all done in a playful way, so kids don’t even know they’re doing math 😊 Plus, there’s a little science thrown in, and color recognition to boot… Hello, apple circle time fun!

Here are the lyrics again:

Apple Count Up © Wendy Gerbi

No apples on this tree, growing for you and me, 

No sweet fruit for us to bite and crunch...

One flower starts to bloom, 

An apple will be here soon…

Now there is one sweet juicy fruit—yum, yum! 

And here, without further ado, is the video:

Two Little Animals: A Rhyming Song!

Once again, I'm figuring out ways to use existing felt board sets in new, engaging, fun ways.  Multi-use felt board sets for the big win, right?!

This time, I'm using my Over in the Meadow animal felt board set.  I've written about these cuties here, and now I have another new video for you!

This is a song I've used a million times with kids during circle time.  You can use your fingers to be the animals.  You can use big puppets.  Or finger puppets.  And hey, if you've got this felt board set, you can use the same adorable critters I use in the video!

This song is wonderful for rhyming, naming and demonstrating opposites, using position words, etc. etc.  It's just full of early literacy benefits.  And a tiny bit of math, even.  Oh--and it's cute.  And fun.  I love it. Let's sing!

Little Bo Peep Hide & Seek: A Little Mouse Variation

I love using one felt board set to accomplish many things.  

In this case, it's my Hey Diddle Diddle set, which I've written about before right here.  

Nursery rhymes are wonderful ways to build early literacy skills like rhyming and vocabulary.  Plus, they're comforting in their familiarity and they're often a little bit silly.  Silly means fun, and fun means kids are engaged.  Winning.

In that post, I mentioned my little laminated Bo Peep.  

Hiding her behind one of the felt characters and trying to find her while chanting a wee rhyme is such a fun way to get the kids involved.  

And now I've got a video of this activity!  

So much easier to just show you how it works instead of trying to explain it!  But in case you need to copy and print the chant, here it is:

Bo Peep, Bo Peep, playing hide and seek...
Are you behind the orange cat?
Let's take a peek!

Bo Peep has lost her sheep, and we've lost HER somewhere!
Is she behind the brown fiddle?  Let's look under there!

Down at The Bus Stop (video!)

Need a fun song using animals and a bus?  Well, here you go!  (I used my Hickory Dickory Dock set for this one.  You can see my other post about it right here.)

This bus and animal version of Down by the Station is counting and animal vocabulary fun.  Plus there's naming of movements and speeds and other fun early math and literacy stuff tucked in there--your toddler and preschool kids will love this one.  

And you could of course invite them to perform the movements of the animals with their hands or with their whole bodies...

Click the picture below to watch the video :)

Want some books to go along with this song?  How about some of these...

Hey Diddle Diddle Remix--Video!

You may have read about my Hey Diddle Diddle set before--I wrote about it here.  But I didn't have a video using the set until right this very minute :) it is!  Classic Nursery Rhyme fun--but with a twist!  

Let's get all mixed up (click the picture to watch the video!)