Flannel Board Sets in Action!

It's in the very early stages, so nice details like backgrounds and all that good stuff are not looking great, but I started a YouTube channel to share my sets, songs, games, etc.  Come on over and visit me!

10 in a Cave

You might recognize these sweeties from my Five in the Bed set.  This set was a custom order for a kindergarten teacher.  
10 bears and a cave--what's not to love?!

Get inspired to make up a 10 bear rhyme with my 5 in the Bed ideas.

And of course, you could do something simple like:

Ten Brown Bears in a Cave
(to the tune of 100 bottles of beer on the wall!)
Ten brown bears in a cave,
 Ten brown bears, 
One wakes up,
Gives a quick wave, 
Nine brown bears in a cave!
(and then continue to count down. ) 

Or (to the Tune of Farmer Brown's Apples)
Ten brown bears, take a winter's sleep.
Ten brown bears, take a winter's sleep.
If one of those bears, 
Should wake without a peep...
There'd be nine brown bears
Taking a winter's sleep.

You could also make up a variation using the Jellyfish song

Have fun--and visit me on Instagram to see my sets in action!

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