Three Jellyfish

This one is new to me-yippee!  All the links to tunes I've found for this feature Australian accents, so I guess that's one reason I hadn't heard it before.  It's simple, and it's three instead of five, so there's that delightful feature--and jellyfish (in felt form) are so cute, so there's that, too...  Can't wait to share it with my kids this week!

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Watch me sing this one!

Here are the lyrics to go along with these wiggly little guys:
Three Jellyfish Lyrics
Three jellyfish, three jellyfish.
Three jellyfish sitting on a rock.
One fell off:  weeee!
Two jellyfish, two jellyfish.
Two jellyfish sitting on a rock.
One fell off:  weeee!
One jellyfish, one jellyfish.
One jellyfish sitting on a rock.
One fell off:  weee!
No jellyfish, no jellyfish.
No jellyfish sitting on a rock.
One jumped up…yay!

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  1. These are seriously so beautiful! I'm detail-oriented when it comes to my flannels, but I don't have your skill.

  2. One more thing.... I see you have an Etsy shop and I have to ask because people are always telling me to sell my flannels. How can you afford to sell them for so little? I know how longs some of those flannels probably took you to make.

    1. Thanks so much for your comments, Tara! It's tricky figuring out prices, that's for sure... I know teacher and librarian budgets are so tight, so I definitely want to keep my prices low :) Thanks again.