Thursday, April 6, 2017

Build a Bug Set

Bugs gross me out.  So, I needed to neutralize them for this set.  In other words, make them pretty and rather unrealistic.  I guess I'm doing a disservice to the children in my classroom by doing this, but I see it done in a lot of books too, so I'm just going with the flow :) 

In my classroom, I have individual flannel boards for the children to use on their laps, on the floor, or at a table.  That's where I'll have these buggies available.  I might also incorporate them into a small group time and let the children help me build some bugs on the big board.  Lots of great opportunities for vocabulary and imagination building with this set!

If you're a librarian, you could make these available at a felt table after a bug, spring, or garden story time.

Flannel Friday is being hosted by  Bridget at What is Bridget Reading this week.  For more FF fun and information, please visit the blogFacebook page, or Pinerest page!  And share these links with your co-librarians or co-teachers. The more we share, the better!

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