Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Valentines and Envelopes

More fun, creative, pretend play!  I loved the envelopes I made last year, and was inspired to make some that the children could handle themselves.  My new set is machine stitched, and they close with a little piece of velcro.  I think the kids will love pretending to mail each other their cards--I plan to put these out near our toy mailbox, which generally sees a lot of mini stuffed animals shoved inside, rather than mail :)

(This envelope and card set is available at my Etsy site--I hope you'll visit me there!)

Here are some books, rhymes and songs that would be great for a Valentines, mail, or love story time:

Mouse’s First Valentine by Lauren Thompson
I Kissed the Baby
by Mary Murphy
Bunny Mail by Rosemary Wells
The Jolly Postman by Allan Ahlberg
Delivering Your Mail by Ann Owen
You Know What I Love by Lorena Siminovich
The Secret by Lindsay Barrett George      

Early In the Morning
Early in the morning at eight o’clock
You can hear the postman knock
Up jumps ______ to open the door
One letter, two letters, three letters, four!

Four Pretty Valentines
Four pretty valentines for everyone to see.
___________ bought one and then there were three.
Three pretty valentines said, "I love you"
___________ bought one and then there were two.
Two pretty valentines, this was so much fun.
___________ bought one and then there was one.
One pretty valentine sitting on the shelf.
I liked it a lot! So, I bought it for myself.

Mail Myself ToYou by Woody Guthrie
I'm gonna wrap myself in paper,
I'm gonna dab myself with glue,
Stick some stamps on top of my forehead;
I'm gonna mail myself to you.
I'm a gonna tie me up in a red string,
I'm gonna tie blue ribbons too,
I'm gonna climb up in my mail box;
I'm gonna mail myself to you.
When you see me in your mail box,
Cut the string and let me out;
Wash the glue off my fingers,
Stick some bubble gum in my mouth!

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Valentine Cookies

It has been so fun watching the kids in my classroom play with my felts sets over the past year.  I love hearing them sing songs and repeat rhymes we've used during our group times. And I also love letting them just play creatively to their hearts' content.

I saw a whole lot of that creative play in December as they used my Christmas Cookies and Gingerbread sets, so I decided to make a Valentines Cookie set as well.  I think this one will be especially fun for them, as they love sorting by size and color as they play, and all these different sizes and colors of hearts lend themselves perfectly to that.  Plus:  sprinkles!

(This set is available at my Etsy Shop.  Please visit me there!)

Set these up on a table after a storytime about cookies, love, or Valentines Day!  Here are some books and songs that go along nicely with this set...

Mouse’s First Valentine by Lauren Thompson
Plant a Kiss
by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
by Jan Carr
The Biggest Kiss by Joanna Walsh and Judi Abbot
Will You Be My Friend by Nancy Tafuri
Mr. Cookie Baker by Monica Wellington
My Heart is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall
How about a Kiss for Me? By Todd Tarpley
I put my hands together,
This is how I start
I curve my fingers right around,
And I can make a heart!

Down Around the Corner
Down around the corner in the bakery shop
Are five Valentine cookies with sprinkles on top
Along comes ______ with a dollar to pay
S/he buys a cookie and takes it away!
(Continue with four, three, two, and one!)

Making Cookies
I am making cookie dough.
Round and round the beaters go.
Add some flour from a cup,
Stir and stir the batter up!
Roll them, cut them, nice and neat.
Put them on a cookie sheet.
Bake them, count them, 1-2-3--
Serve them to my friends for tea!

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Monday, January 16, 2017


So, I don't know if or how I might use this little lady in my classroom, but I am so proud of her that I have to post a photo :)  I made this set for a friend of a friend's nursery wall, and I love the way it turned out.  The mermaid is the only new thing--I've already posted my Ocean Set (more than once!)

Here she is in all her tail-flipping glory:

I'll be off looking for some mermaid rhymes, songs or poems so that I can use her in my classroom.  If nothing else, I will add her to my classroom's Ocean Set so the kids can play with her.  If you have any suggestions for rhymes or songs, please let me know!

Miss Mermaid is for sale at my Etsy Shop, along with the Ocean Set.  Please visit me there!

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Enormous Turnip

I have used the printed out, laminated-card-stock version of this story for many years (here's the pattern from KizClub), and decided to make a felt copy of it last night.  I could have sworn I made the mouse, even remember cutting the dark gray felt, but couldn't find him anywhere today--so a brown laminated version is being featured in these pictures :)

This set isn't available at my Etsy Shop, but lots of other goodies are.  Please visit me there!

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