Monday, January 16, 2017


So, I don't know if or how I might use this little lady in my classroom, but I am so proud of her that I have to post a photo :)  I made this set for a friend of a friend's nursery wall, and I love the way it turned out.  The mermaid is the only new thing--I've already posted my Ocean Set (more than once!)

Here she is in all her tail-flipping glory:

I'll be off looking for some mermaid rhymes, songs or poems so that I can use her in my classroom.  If nothing else, I will add her to my classroom's Ocean Set so the kids can play with her.  If you have any suggestions for rhymes or songs, please let me know!

Miss Mermaid is for sale at my Etsy Shop, along with the Ocean Set.  Please visit me there!

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