Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Jungle Friends Felt Board Video

Got jungle creature fans on your hands?  Here's a simple way to use my Jungle Critters Set at home, at circle time, at story time...  Build those math skills!  Build those early literacy skills!  Have fun!

Love that jungle felt set?  You can get it at my Etsy shop, and it comes with the lyrics to more rhymes and songs, plus a list of animal/jungle books to go along with it!  (I do the work for you ;) )  Click the cuties below to shop:

Like what you see here?  

Monday, July 1, 2019

Making Binoculars!

This activity was a regular each year on my list of small group activities.  It could also be a great activity to do in a library story time!  We kept several sets of 'real' binoculars in the Dramatic Play area of our classroom, but having these homemade sets on hand was a fun change of pace :)  Click below to read all about this simple, fun activity!

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