Fruit Song for Kids: Fruit Salad Ballad!

I can't have a felt board set that can only be used one way, now can I??  No, I can't!

My Rainbow Stew set is definitely a favorite with kids and educators.  It's magical, for sure.  I've got a video of that fun song right here.

But of course I needed to write another song for it.  A fruity song.  A song that includes colors and rhyming and pretending...

So I did.  And I called it Fruit Salad Ballad.  Because I think that's so darn cute.

Here's the video--I hope you love it and use it with your kids as soon as possible :) There will be picking, and plucking, and chopping and tossing and eating!  Get ready for fruity fun!

Oh!  And now you can also get a pattern and make your own set!  Click below :)

Hickory Dickory Dock--Ocean Style!

Hickory Dickory Dock, the fish swam up the clock!  Here's a fun way to combine an old classic nursery rhyme with ocean critters.  

You can see my Hickory Dickory post here, set for sale here, and original video here.  My Ocean Set post is here, the felt set for sale is here, and there are a bunch of Ocean videos here.

The Wheels on the Bus--Ocean Style!

Are you a tiny bit tired of the Wheels on the Bus?  But the kids looovee it?  And do you have an ocean felt board set that you need to put to good use?!

I've got you covered :)  This one is simple to learn and the kids will love it--and they'll be able to join in because they already know the tune!

Stay seated and get those little finger muscles stronger if you do this as a finger play.  Or stand up and swim around to build balance and large muscle strength.  Either way, vocabulary and creative skills are off the charts :)

Here you go--enjoy:

Somebody's Moving in the Sea (an Ocean Song for Kids)!

When I was teaching preschool, we used to use this tune to welcome the kids to circle time.  "Somebody's knocking at my door--oh, Suzie, I hear you knocking..."  It's actually an old hymn, but we went a little lighter with it ;) 

I thought this tune would work perfectly with my ocean set.  I think I was right :)  I certainly had fun making this video and performing all the movements.  

It would absolutely be super fun to make this a standing up movement activity!  Do it!!

Ocean Friend Count Up

I wrote this song to go along with my Five Ocean Critters set last year, but only now got around to making a video for it!  I had a lot of fun with this one!  

This ocean song is just a wee bit tricky in the math department, probably most understandable to older preschool kids.  You'll see what I mean when you watch the video.

But it's SO fun for all the little ones: we get to do diving and splashing and all kinds of fishy movements!

And as usual, I've made it easy to learn and join in on by using a familiar tune--this time, it's the Five Little Ducks tune.

Take a look right here:

Hope you like that one!  And I hope it makes any ocean, beach, or fishy themed circle time that much easier to plan for :)

Did You Ever See a Lassie (Ocean Version!)

Whether you're prepping for your Ocean's of Possibilities Summer Reading Program, or you just like oceans critters as much as I do, or you like singing songs about ocean animals with small children--or any combination of the above...  This one's for you :)

As always, I'm on a mission to come up with as many way as possible to use each felt set in my collection.  My ocean set already has a bunch of songs to use with it (here's a whole playlist!), but I wanted more!

Enter Did You Ever See a Lassie, Ocean Version.  I love this one because you can do it sitting down as a finger play, or you can get up and move!  It teaches ocean vocabulary--and you can totally switch it up and let the kids come up with the movement words, too.  Plus, you most likely already know the tune, so it's suuuper easy to learn this one.

Anyway, enough talk!  Here's the video--enjoy :)

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