Pete the Cat's 4 Groovy Buttons

Well, I love belly buttons, so I couldn't resist making this story in flannel!  I used the Pete pattern from Make Learning Fun, but made his eyes more like the ones from the book.  "Owl eyes", some of my kids call them :) 

The numbers were based on a google image search for cartoon numbers, which I then printed out and used as a template.  Pete is made of stiff blue felt, and everything else is made of the regular stuff.  I wasn't sure how to make the shirt open only part way. I just glued the top portion and not the bottom, so I can scootch it away to see Pete's belly button.  (It's not perfect--I think I'll have to re-glue occasionally, but it's fine). And then the kids all want to see their own belly button, too, and we have a belly button party!

Felt Pete the Cat

Felt Pete the Cat buttons

(I keep Pete's head and body separate because they are too big for my storage bag if I glue them together.  The kids think it is hilarious when I remove his body from the board when it's time to clean it up!  Wait a minute--what happened???!  Pete's head came off!!  Are you okay Pete??  Yeah, it's all good...)

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