Thursday, January 14, 2016

Finger Puppet Duos!

A quick peek at Flannel Friday's Finger Puppet page sent me off to the store for embroidery floss and needles!  Two Little Blackbirds is a song that we do all the time during our Small and Large Group times (the adorable JBrary version linked is a chant--I'll try to find the tune I use and post it here).  I don't think I'd ever thought to use finger puppets for it--we just use our thumbs...  But these little guys really engage the children, and keep our fingers warm too!  

I maybe sewed last when I was in 8th grade, but haven't since then.  I will stick to basic stuff--my eyesight is definitely not what it once was!

These were made in the fall, and used a lot in the fall this year, but of course they can be used anytime!

Felt Finger Puppets

The bats and blue birds above are from Mel's Desk.  I love her stuff!  My kids had to keep reminding me to say "bats" instead of "birds" when I used the bats.  Twenty years of saying "birds" is a hard habit to break!

Felt Penguin Finger Puppets

This is a cute poem to go with these adorable penguins!

Felt Bear Finger Puppets

I did a google image search for bear finger puppets, and free handed my guys based on the results.
Can't remember where I found this:
To the tune of Where is Thumbkin:
Where is bear, where is bear?
Here I am, Here I am!
How are you today bear?
Very sleepy thank you!

 Felt Owl Finger PuppetsFelt Turkey Finger Puppets
Felt Elephant Finger Puppets

The owls, turkeys,and elephants were all inspired by, you guessed it, Storytime Katie.  

These finger puppets aren't available to purchase, but please come visit my Etsy shop!

Flannel Friday is being hosted by Lauren at The Dilley Dally, and of course you'll find lots of other ideas at Flannel Friday's blog or Pinterest page.

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