Thursday, January 14, 2016

Space: The Final Frontier

Thanks to Mel at Mel's Desk for this one.  I used clip art as templates for everything except the astronaut and aliens

flannel space set

felt space set

We like to sing Zoom Zoom Zoom all the time, but it's especially fun when we pull out and talk about all of these fun space pieces.  
We play the "What's Missing?" game with this set, talk about colors and shapes, count and compare--this is the first themed set I've made, and I would never have thought it could be so versatile.  I love it!

We have a set of Five Little Monsters which we sometimes call 'aliens', and they like to come out and jump on the planets sometimes:

Five little aliens jumping in the sky, 
One fell off and bumped his eye, 
The astronaut called the doctor 
Who said with a sigh
No more aliens jumping in the sky!

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