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Yum :)  I saw some pie ideas on Jen in the Library and made my own version.  Thought it would also be cute to have an owl hide under some of that sweet deliciousness--the result is below:

Here are the poems/songs we used with these.  The Four Pieces of Yummy Pie I made up based on the famous 3 Green and Speckled Frogs, though I may have been inspired by others that I've forgotten.  If so, let me know and I'll credit you!  Anyway, it can be used with the cream-topped pies above, or the pumpkin pies below.

Five Pumpkin Pies in the Bakery Shop
Chant or sing to the tune of Five Little Ducks
Credit: Melissa Depper
Five pumpkin pies in the bakery shop.
Looking pretty yummy with that whipped cream on top!
Along comes ___ with a dollar to pay.
S/he buys a sweet one and takes it away. (gobble gobble slobber yum etc.)

Four Pumpkin Pies 
Chant or sing to the tune of 3 green speckled frogs tune.
Four pans of pumpkin pie
Sat on a shelf so high
Looking so sweet with cream on top (oh, yeah)
_______ came and ate one pie (use a puppet, or with a small group and gentle kids, kids can come take one)
Yum yum and my oh my!
Now there are three more pumpkin pies (yum, yum).
Continue till there are none left!

I try not to get trapped by themes--so these will be used throughout the year.  But pumpkin pie does hold a special place in my childhood holiday memories, so I'm sure I'll use it even more at that time of year :)

Though I posted this early, I'm including it in the January 8th Flannel Friday Roundup.  This week's Flannel Friday is being hosted by Mollie at What Happens in Storytime.

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