Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Five Friendly Monsters...or are they Aliens?

These are stolen!  I saw them at Falling Flannelboards and had to have them!  Their eyeballs are so cute, and we love to talk about 'eyeballs' in my three-year-old class...

This particular set isn't for sale, but please check out my shop with many of my other sets:
We use these (little, friendly, or silly) guys as either monsters or aliens.  We've had them jump on a bed or in a crib as monsters, and they've also bounced on planets when we call them aliens.  When you first say "monster" to young children, you might get some fearful looks--but by calling them friendly or silly, and by giggling at their adorable eyeballs, and by having them bounce around in a baby's crib, for goodness sake, the fears can be dispelled a bit. I also have a laminated set of these so the children can handle them often, giving them a little more control over something that might be a scary concept.

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  1. Love these little cuties! I have a monster storytime coming up in 2 weeks, thinking I might have to snag them. Thanks Wendy!