Five Pigs So Squeaky Clean

When I first discovered Flannel Friday, Five Clean and Dirty Pigs was one of the first sets I made for my classroom.  I made the little porkers below, which were clearly copied from these guys at Storytime Katie.  We use them all the time in my classroom now, but for some reason I hadn't posted about them...

One of the teachers at my school wanted a set for her classroom, and I decided to change them up a little for her.  I made my own piggies:

And then another year and more ideas rolled around, and I created these guys:

I loved them so much, I made a video.  
No, TWO videos, with new lyrics created!
 You can check them out below.

And then I thought--hey, other people might like to make these, too!  

So I made a pattern for you:

Here are the words--sing 'em to the tune of Three Green and Speckled Frogs!

Five pigs so squeaky clean,
Cleanest  you’ve ever seen,
Wanted to go outside and play (in the mud!  or Oink! Oink! or Snort, snort!)
One jumped into the mud,
Landed with a  big THUD! (stomp your foot!! And flip that piggy over as you jump her into the mud--but fast, so the kids don't see it!)
Now there are four pigs squeaky clean (oink, oink!)
Continue counting down until they're all a big dirty, muddy, sloppy mess!  You can hose them off with imaginary hoses, and flip them over again so fast the kids just can't figure out where the mud went!

Flannel Friday is being hosted this week by Jen at Adventures in Storytime

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