Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bark George

Sadly, I can't claim this amazing set as my own.  I don't actually know who made it--one of my past co-workers (Rebekah?  Sarah?) left it a few years ago, and she was clearly a talented lady!  I work with a lot of graduate students, and usually they take a class in which they have to make a flannel board story. I think this was the result of that course.  I'm so happy to have this set, because I actually don't care for Jules Feiffer's illustrations, especially in Bark George.  These pieces are  more appealing to me, and I use this set rather than the book--because the kids do love the story.

I will take credit for adding the black felt background for more stability, and I also used black fabric paint to make the lines drawn on the animals stand out more.  I decided not to do that with the vet, because I was afraid I'd end up ruining him.  He's pretty awesome :)

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  1. Bark George is the best book ever! :) I totally envy your masterful use of fabric paint, by the way.

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