I'm Going to Wear a Sweater

I plan to use these as comfy cozy visuals just to go along with the following action song:

I'm Going to Wear a Sweater
(to the tune of 'For He's a Jolly Good Fellow')
I'm going to wear a sweater, 
I'm going to wear a sweater, 
I'm going to wear a sweater...
When I go out today!

I'll plop each article of clothing/outerwear up on the board, and then we can all act out putting on that particular piece of clothing as we sing about it.  Of course, we'll probably have to put the boots on our ears, or the mittens on our feet, just for a little chortle, but it will all come out right in the end :)

Flannel Board Weather Related Clothes

Flannel Board Rain Boots

Flannel Board Rain Gear

Flannel Board Winter Gear

I used clip art as a guideline for my patterns, and fabric paint for the scarf stripes and mitten snowflakes; can't remember exactly where the song came from--probably one of the links on the right hand side of the blog.

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