Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Flannel Friday: Mary Wore Her Red Dress

We sing a version of this song ALL the time in my classroom--substituting the children's names and the clothes they are wearing as an opening song for our Small Group time.  We've had the book and an accompanying cd in the room for several years (which we've used on occasion), but with the addition of this flannel board (I got the pattern here), the children are just in love with this song/story!  
Sometimes we do the book before, during and/or after doing the flannel board version; usually we change the animal's names to the children's names (though some children don't want us to do that!).  

We love to see if anyone is wearing the same color or article of clothing as any of the animals, and of course we talk about the fact that we don't have all the same things the animals do (long ears, tails, quills, fur, etc.), but we do have some of the same things (eyes, ears, mouth, etc.)

We play a guessing game (the next piece of clothing is something that covers your arms and keeps you warm in the winter; the next animal that's going to put something on is something that hops and has a fluffy tail; the animal we're going to dress next hunts for nuts in the fall...) There are really lots of things to do with this set--it was well worth the intricate cutting and fabric-paint-face-making required!

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Miss Mary Liberry is hosting the roundup this week.  Also be sure to check out many more amazing flannel board ideas at the FF Pinterest site!

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