Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mitten Match

The first place I saw this was on Storytime Katie-- I absolutely love her use of the clothesline, and intend to use one myself some day soon.  I have it, and the clothespins, so what am I waiting for??

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What is is about mittens that is so appealing to children?!  They're just so darn snuggly and warm, and when they don't have to actually wear them, they're even better! (I write this having just spent most of the time on the playground this morning picking up discarded mittens as the children frolicked about happily with freezing fingers...)  That said, when they get to come put a mitten on the board to make a pair, they are so proud of themselves.  And when they see all those colors and shapes matched up and lined up, they know something is just right in their world.

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