Five Pretty Presents

Okay, I don't have a rhyme for this one yet!  I wanted to do presents for Flannel Friday's birthday.  I wanted to make elaborately wrapped, ribbon-bedecked, eye-catching, fun, pretty, too-good-to-be-true, felt presents.   That's as far as my plan went.  I thought it would be easy to find a rhyme, but so far, I'm a little stuck.  I'll do more looking and come up with something, but until then, Happy Birthday Flannel Friday.  So glad I found you!

...Wait!  I'm back, with some ideas!  Ah, the benefits of a sleepless night...
  • Print out some clipart pictures of toys, sized to fit under the presents.  A stuffed bear, a tricycle, a doll, maybe a dinosaur, a ball, some blocks...anything that children in the preschool age range would like.  Laminate/velcro.  You know the drill.
  • Hide one toy under each present.
  • Perform, with birthday-worthy enthusiasm, this rhyme:
Five Pretty Presents
Five pretty presents with bows on top,
Sitting on a shelf in the big toy shop!
Along comes a friend (puppet or child) with a dollar to pay, 
S/he buys a present
'cuz it's ____________'s birthday!

In my classroom, I might do this on a real birthday.  I'd let a child come up to choose the present to take off and reveal the toy underneath, and then the birthday child gets to hold those gifts as they are revealed .  Or, just use puppets.  Or, a combo of both.  

Another fun idea would be to use animal puppets or stuffed animals to be the birthday giftees.  Print out clipart images of things that a bear, or duck, or frog, or pig, or dog, or cat, or whatever puppets you have would eat/roll in/play with/live in --and as the presents are revealed the children tell you which animal should receive that gift.  Or use rhyming items, and the children tell you which animal gets the truck (the duck!) or the chair (the bear!).  

For the puppet versions, you could use the rhyme above, and fill in the blank to the last verse with "someone", Reveal the present and have the children figure out whose birthday it is.  

Or, you could just hide the items under the presents and have one puppet sing this song, courtesy of Falling Flannelboards:

Oh, where oh where has my present gone, oh where or where can it be?
I'm searching and singing my present song, can you please help me?

Then, when the item is revealed, if it goes with that puppet, he takes it and another puppet gets a turn.  If the gift doesn't go with the puppet, everyone helps figure out where it goes.

And of course, we will also no doubt play a Hide-and-Seek game with this, using any little laminated animals or toys.  
Little _________, Little ___________,
Playing Hide and Seek.
Are you in the __________ present?
Let's take a peek!

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