Monday, March 7, 2016

The Elephant in a Well

Here's another set I made several years ago.  The Elephant in a Well was posted on a list of stories that work well as flannels.  I had never heard the story before, so I googled it and found this summary.  Based on that, I printed out and laminated clip art animals, threw in a string, stuck on some velcro, and I was done!  The children love this sort of cumulative story, especially if you make each animal's sound as they pull on the rope:  the sheep pulled (baaa!), the dog pulled (rufff!), the horse pulled (neeiiigghhhh!!!), etc.  We like to give the animals names, too.  Sometimes the children use people names, sometimes pet names, and sometimes random odd words, like "toe".  Or "box". Yep.  Just go with it.

(By the way, the photo below doesn't represent the story very well.  I place the elephant at the left hand bottom of the board looking up, the string extends down to him, and the animals line up one after another with the mouse last.)

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