Little Gorilla

For years I've loved Little Gorilla, and I've been intending to make a flannel board version of it for almost as long.  I think I once even printed out clip art images of each of the animals, intending to make a laminated version. But Flannel Friday is having it's birthday, and I wanted to do more than just a laminated story, and more than just cupcakes and presents (even though I love those too!)

So this week I got to work!  It was difficult trying to make my pieces resemble the illustrations--those faces do not translate all that well to flannel...  But, in the end I'm okay with what I have.

So, here's Little Gorilla:
Once there was a gorilla, and everybody loved him.  His mother loved him.  His father loved him.  His whole family loved him! Even when he was only one day old, everybody loved Little Gorilla.

Pink butterfly flying through the forest, Green Parrot in his tree, and Red Monkey in her tree, all loved Little Gorilla.

Even big Boa Constrictor thought Little Gorilla was nice.

Giraffe, walking tall through the forest, was there when Little Gorilla needed him.

Young Elephant, and Old Elephant too, came to see him.

Lion roared his loudest roar for him.

Even Old Hippo took him wherever he wanted to go, because she loved Little Gorilla.  Just about everybody in the great green forest loved Little Gorilla!  Then one day, something happened...  Little Gorilla began to grow...and grow...and grow.

And one day, Little Gorilla was BIG!
And everybody came, and everybody sang "Happy Birthday Little Gorilla!"  And everybody still loved him.

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  1. Beautiful job with these, Wendy! And thanks for participating in Flannel Friday's birthday party!