Thursday, August 18, 2016

Christmas Trees

Who says Christmas has to wait till December?  The kids in my classroom have been decorating Gingerbread Houses all summer!  I have a feeling they'll enjoy decorating these trees just as much.  Librarians, don't discount these--I picture them at a table in your children's section after a story time about winter--alongside a felt board of dreidels, menorahs and gelt perhaps! (Coming soon to a blog near you...)

With all the different shapes and colors, there's just so much patterning, counting and sorting to be done!  

I put my CuttleBug to good use with the decorations--I've been using wool blend felt, and even the thinnest dies cut right through it with no problem.  This was great news--I was so disappointed that the thin dies wouldn't cut acrylic felt.  One more reason to switch to wool blend. It is a bit more expensive, but I really love the quality and the colors are amazing.

This set is available for sale at my Etsy shop--please come browse around!

Flannel Friday is being hosted this week by Laura at Library LaLaLand  Check out the round up there, and don't forget to find more amazing flannel board ideas at Pinterest and Facebook and the Flannel Friday Blog!

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