Friday, August 26, 2016

Slippery Fish

I've had a foam version of Slippery Fish in my classroom for years.  It's been through a lot, and the fabric paint has peeled off of most pieces, and some of the octopus' arms are stapled on.  Poor guy. So I finally took the time to re-do this set.  Here it is!

I was introduced to Slippery Fish (actually, its real title is Octopus) from a Charlotte Diamond CD I bought many, many years ago.  Like, maybe 20?  I had no idea it was such a well known and oft-felted song!  I use it Every. Single. Year.  Frequently.  And somehow I'm still not sick of it!

This set is available at my Etsy shop :)  (But it doesn't include the Slippery Fish lyrics shown above--rather, there's a cute five little ocean creatures rhyme in there.  Copyright, you know!)

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