Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dessert Set

This is the last in a series of sets I'm making for my preschool's vendor fair next week.  Everything in this set comes apart, other than the flames from the candle.  I have another cupcake set I use in the classroom, and the kids just love it, so I think they'll like this one, too.  
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With each set I'm selling, I include some book suggestions, and some poems or songs to go along with the theme of the set.  Here's what I'm including with this set:

Book Ideas:
Benny Bakes a Cake by Eve Rice
Maisy Bakes a Cake by Lucy Cousins
Happy Birthday Moon by Frank Asch
Oh No, George! by Chris Haughton
The Red Hen by Rebecca & Ed Emberley
Who Made This Cake? by Chihiro Nakagawa
A Birthday for Cow by Jan Thomas
The Birthday Box by Leslie Patricelli
Don’t Spill the Beans! by Ian Schoenherr
Magic Box by Katie Cleminson
The Secret Birthday Message by Eric Carle
Little Gorilla by Ruth Bornstein

Down Around the Corner
Down around the corner in the bakery shop
Were five yummy cupcakes with sprinkles on top
Along comes ________ with a dollar to pay
S/he buys a cupcake and takes it away
(continue with four, three, two, and one)

Five Candles
Five candles on a birthday cake
Five, and not one more
You may blow one candle out,
And that leaves four!
(There for all to see / three; Standing straight and true / two; Helping us have fun / one; We know its task is done / none)

Ice Cream Scoops
First we need a cone, nice and crunchy.
Then we need some ice cream, sweet and yummy.
Scoop ’em up, stack ’em on, up to the sky.
We love ice cream; my, oh my!
First comes vanilla, cold and sweet.
Then comes chocolate, a delicious treat.
Here’s some strawberry with sprinkles and a cherry too!
A super-duper scooper cone just for you!
One scoop, two scoops,
Three scoops, four.
We love ice cream, let’s have some more!

Flannel Friday is being hosted this week by Cate at Storytiming.  You can also find tons of ideas at Flannel Friday's Pinterest Pages, the Flannel Friday Blog, and Flannel Friday's Facebook page.


  1. Nice idea, having such a flexible flannel set. The problem with so many flannels is that they are GREAT ... but for only one thing, so linger on the shelf for months. This ain't that! Thanks for the flannels AND the great ideas.