A House for Birdie

I saw this set while perusing Flannel Friday's Pinterest pages--it was originally posted here.  I love the simplicity of the birds, though when I used this set today for the first time, one of my little girls couldn't stop asking me where the birds' feathers and wings were...

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So, I have never read the book this set is based on, but it seems that Birdie (the turquoise bird in the red house above) doesn't have a house, so he and his friends go house hunting together.  I named the friends Bluey, Orangie, Yellowey, and Greenie.  Of course.  Anyway, as they come across each house they discover that although the house is too narrow, short or tall for Birdie, it is just the right size for one of his pals.  They all celebrate each new house for their friend, and in the end, Birdie finds the house that is a perfect fit for him.  

This is such a simple, simple story, but I cannot tell you how completely enthralled my little two-year-olds were.  They fell in love with Birdie and his friends, feather-less and wing-less though they may be.

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