Thursday, April 28, 2016

Big, Bigger, Biggest


Hmmm...  Where did I originally see this?  I can't remember!  But it's super simple, and can be adapted many different ways:
  • A big bug, a bigger bug, the biggest bug I see--now help me count them!  One...two...three!
  • A small bug, a medium bug, a big bug I see--now help me count them... One, two, three!
  • A yellow star, a blue star, an orange star I see--now help me count, two, three!
See how you can change it up?!  And this is SO simple to make--especially with clip art if you want to go that route.  You could do animals, shapes, same colors, different colors, seasonal items, foods--this one really is endless in it's possibilities.

Flannel Friday is being hosted this week by Kate at Felt Board Magic.  You can also find tons of ideas at Flannel Friday's Pinterest Pages, the Flannel Friday Blog, and Flannel Friday's Facebook page.

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