Friday, June 24, 2016

Flannel Friday Roundup for June 24th!

Hi everyone! Here's the Flannel Friday Roundup for the week...  Thanks to everyone for their wonderful contributions!

First up we've got sports metaphors galore over at Awnali's Librarian Is on the Loose!  She brings us THREE sports-related sets, including these helmets to use as a Little Mouse variation...

...a sports ball guessing game...

...and finally a really cute take on Five Elephants, using soccer players!  

If you're not into competitive sports, you can always get outside for some non-competitive fun...  Maybe go fly a kite? Check out Kathryn's amazing (I mean, really!) Kite set to accompany Grace Lin's Kite Flying.  It is beautiful, and a wonderful way to get kids interacting as they help build a kite on the board.  I love this!

Kate at Felt Board Magic brings back the classic Five Little Ducks... (with hills!)
(Sorry Kate--I can't get your pictures to work on my blog :( ) well as a sweet and simple color game using umbrellas (with eyes!).  Both should be staples in your repertoire!

Speaking of sweet and simple, Laura at Literacious joins in the fun with this lovely set of felt Balloons.  She's got it paired up with Balloons, Balloons, Balloons, by Dee Lillegard, and includes several ideas on how to get the children involved and participating in the story.   I especially love her color combination and shiny rick rack balloon strings!

From sweet and simple, we go plain suh-weeet!  You have got to check out Keith's (at Felt-tastic Flannelboard Funtime) T-themed sets.  He's got Tools to go along with Emma Garcia's Tap Tap Bang Bang (I have a copy that's been sitting right here waiting for me to flannelize it, and I have now been pushed into action!)  But wait, there's more...

...He has dump trucks dumping shapes (seemingly random shapes, but just you wait) hither and yon...  Sound effects are happening.  And songs...

...and finally, it all comes together when the tools build those dumped shapes into a train!  Genius at work, folks.  I'm copying.

Now, we're still not done!  What would a summertime Flannel Friday be without a quick trip to the ocean?!  Jennifer at Bookwings takes us to the beach and sings us some songs, sharing not only this beautifully cut Once I Caught A Fish (and various other sea creatures) Alive set...

...but also this squiggly little bloom of Jellyfish to go along with the Five Little Jellyfish rhyme.  She also share tons of book ideas to go along with the Ocean theme, and don't miss the video of Jennifer singing Baby Beluga with her ukulele!  You rocked it, Jennifer :)

Finally, I'm sharing two stories I've adapted to the flannel board.

One--an oldie but goodie:  Titch by Pat Hutchins...

... and

Two:  a newie but goodie:  Night Animals by Gianna Marino.

Thanks again for participating, everyone!  You cafind a huge assortment of ideas at Flannel Friday's Pinterest Board, and other goodies at the Flannel Friday Facebook Page and  FF blog.  Check them all out!  Next week there's no Flannel Friday due to the July 4th holiday in the US. Check the blog for the July/August schedule!

(My cats are so thrilled to see what you made!  See how excited they look??!  Great work everyone!)


  1. Hi Wendy! I have some sports flannels for Summer Reading Club at Thanks for hosting!

  2. Your link didn't work for me, but I went to your blog and found it :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have a repost, doing SRP and VBS this week!! eek!! This is one of my kite posts from a couple of years ago.

  4. Have have Five LIttle Ducks and a colour game for this week's Flannel Friday - thanks for hosting.

  5. Hi Wendy! Thanks for hosting... this is the easiest flannelboard ever, just an extension activity for a story about balloons!

  6. Hi! This is a bunch of "T" themed stuff with Emma Garcia's "Tap, Tap, Bang, Bang."
    Thanks for hosting!!!

  7. Hi Wendy, thanks for hosting this week's roundup! I have two flannelboards with an ocean theme to share this week:!Oceans/c1a1n/574a7f690cf2d54587e0df67