Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fall is Not Easy

It's almost summer, and that means fall is just around the corner, so....I'll just link Flannel Friday's Fall Pinterest Page--I was inspired by several Fall is Not Easy posts there to create this one!   I have one tough little cookie in my group this year who always says "I don't wanna hear that story" about pretty much everything. But when I suggest Fall is Not Easy, she says "Oh!  That's my favorite one!"  

I highly recommend scrunching up your face and being very theatrical with each attempt to change the leaves--guffaws are sure to follow!

Everything can be random except the spring, summer and fall leaves.  I always make sure they are in the right order when I put them away for next time. I have 'spring' and 'summer' written on the back of those pieces, so everyone using the set knows what's what!

I printed out the Pittsburgh Pirates and Penguins emblems on Pellon Lutradur.  They aren't very vibrant, and the glue dots show through, so I am not totally happy with them.  But the kids LOVE their teams, so those are a big hit.  I don't particularly like the NFL (shhhhh!), so I skipped the Steelers!

The Flannel Friday roundup is being hosted this week by Melissa at Mel's Desk!  You'll also find other Flannel Friday goodies at PinterestFacebook, and the FF blog--check them out!

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