Monday, June 20, 2016

Night Animals

One of my co-workers (hi Amy!) is especially supportive of my flanneling endeavors, and when I mentioned that I could make sets to go with any particular books she might like, she suggested Night Animals.  I quickly got to work, and here are the results:

 There's the whole crew, all together, unafraid of each other :)  The large gray piece on the left is the bat's shadow--below you can see that it's see-through.  It didn't photograph very well, but I think it will seem like a shadow when brought out during the story.  It's made of Lutradur that I painted with black watercolor.

The piece I love the most is the tent with the silhouettes of the children inside.  I used the same technique as with the bat's shadow.  I love the effect!

I did the same to make a light coming from the flashlight:

And here are some close ups of a few more pieces.  

This was a challenge! I had only read the book once before, so I wasn't that familiar with the story and needed to figure out which pieces were needed, which I could do without, etc.  I am so glad I had the Lutradur and thought of using it--I think it really helps translate the story to the felt board.

This particular set isn't for sale, but please check out my shop with many of my other sets:

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