Closest to the Hole

One of the little girlies in my class is celebrating her fourth birthday in August, and her mom requested this golf-themed game to use at her party.  It's like pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, but instead the blindfolded child tries to put his or her golf ball closest to the hole.
Once I had it made, I thought it might be a fun game to use with a small group of kids when doing a sports, senses, or positional-words theme.  Or as in my classroom where we don't do themes, you could just pull this out at any time.  

We don't play competitive games in my class, so if I were to use this I would use it to talk about about different words like far, close, closer, long, short, near, etc. We won't concentrate on a "winner", but rather on how having our eyes covered makes it harder to put that ball close to the hole...  

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