Saturday, August 12, 2017

Family Finger Puppets

 I love finger puppets.  (I've posted about my collections before.)  They are small enough to have and store lots of them, and their small size doesn't stop them from being a great tool to draw in those less than attentive wiggly kids during a group time.  I like these people puppets, and they can be made with so many different skin and hair colors that all children can find one to relate to.  I also love the opportunity they give to represent all sorts of families:  two moms, two dads, single parents, big families, small...  Endless possibilities!
 These would be great to use with a theme on families or All About Me.  But of course, pulling puppets out at any time is just a great way to get and keep the attention of the kids in your group.

The pattern for these adorable people is from Precious Patterns on Etsy (though I did make a few changes to the faces).

You can find lots of finger puppets and felt sets at my shop!

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