Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Leprechaun Hide and Seek

Here's a variation on Little Mouse--I've got lots more here.  I'm particularly happy with this set because I made it BIG (I think the hat is around 6 inches tall, for reference), and because I don't have much else in the way of flannels for St. Patrick's day.  With the threes, we do go on a treasure hunt, and we have a leprechaun puppet in the classroom about which we sing a cute song (see below).  But this is an easy way to appropriately share a little bit about St. Patrick's Day with my twos, without going overboard on holiday-related stuff.

(Ack!!  I just realized I made a four-leaf clover instead of a shamrock--two very different things!  I apologize to any offended Irish folks, and will be changing the offending piece before using it in the classroom again!!)

(This set isn't available at my Etsy Shop, but lots of other goodies are.  Come take a look!)

So, the rhyme to go along with the set is:

Leprechaun, leprechaun, 
Playing Hide and Seek...
Are you behind the _________??
Let's take a peek!

Please be dramatic as you hunt that guy down--the kids like it so much more with a bit of flair :)

And the Mr. Leprechaun song I mentioned above:
Mr. Leprechaun 
(credit goes to a past co-worker, Angela Lenz)

Mr. Leprechaun, Mr. Leprechaun, Mr. Leprechaun--Hello!
Mr. Leprechaun, Mr. Leprechaun, Mr. Leprechaun--I Know...'re a cute little elf,
If I say so myself!
In your suit all of green, 
You come on March seventeen!

(The tune is a waltz I believe, but I have not idea the title of the original, so you might have to make up your own melody :) )

I'm hosting Flannel Friday this week!  You can find the Roundup here.  For more FF fun and information, please visit the blogFacebook page, or Pinerest page!  And share these links with your co-librarians or co-teachers. The more we share, the better!

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  1. I love this game Wendy! It's so easily adaptable to for other non-rhyming friendly Little Mouse variations. There's only so many fox/box, snake/cake, bug/rug ones you can make. Thanks!

    Storytime in the Stacks