Four Little Hedgehogs

Maybe it's just me, but ever since, oh, around November 8th (2015) or so, I'm feeling a little exhausted.  I fizzled before I could get a fifth hedgie cut out, so here we have...
Four Little Hedgehogs!

These guys have been discontinued, but please come check out my other sets right here!

I was inspired by Kathryn's post, and found my own google clipart image so I wouldn't be a complete copy cat :)

I also changed up the lyrics to the poem she linked to--here's my version:

Four Little Hedgehogs

Four little hedgehogs, cute as can be
One rolled away and then there were three.
Three little hedgehogs—what could they do?
One found some bugs to eat and then there were two.
Two little hedgehogs, too tired to have fun
One dozed off, and that left one.
One lonely hedgehog wiggling his snout, “Where are my friends?” he began to pout.
(bring other hedgehogs back)
"Here we are, here we are, and don’t you worry. Let’s go outside hurry, hurry, hurry".

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