Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hanukkah Set

We don't really read a lot of Hanukkah or Christmas books in my classroom.  Most of the books I've found that focus on those topics aren't really great in terms of quality literature.  However, we do sing several Hanukkah songs, play with dreidels, and make latkes.  We do similar Christmassy stuff, and I have a few Christmas sets for the children to play with.  But as far as Hanukkah goes, we had nothing in felt.  

So, now we do:

This set could be used on a felt table for individual use after a Hanukkah story time.  
It could also be used just to help aid in having a conversation about Hanukkah.  

You could pass out candles and flames and have the children come up and "light" the candles!  

They can come up and put a latke in the frying pan to cook!

They can frost the sufganyot, and put the cherries on top!  

You can talk about the symbols on the dreidels, pass them out, and see if they can remember what their symbol means (bring me your dreidel if you have the symbol that means "take all").

This set is for sale at my Etsy shop.  Come visit me there...

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