Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Three Little Pigs

Okay, it's time for a good old fashioned felt board story.  Not a rhyme.  Not a song.  Not a game.  A story!  And for that, simple is best:

I decided not to go for many details on the houses.  No fabric paint at all!  I didn't want to have any pieces other than the main characters and their humble abodes.  Easy peasy.  My only problem is that my wolf is not a baddy--he borders on cuter than the piggies! 

When we tell stories in my classroom, we usually start out by telling it pretty much "by the book".  Once the children become familiar with it, we retell it and mix it up a little.  Sometimes we ask the children to name the characters...  Sometimes we change the story line a little--maybe one of the pigs has a broken arm like one of the kids in the class, and needs help from his brother-- or bring a character from another story into the mix. Goldilocks has made an appearance in this story, for example.  She was just passing through the woods...  We might change the ending depending on the mood of the kids (or teachers).  There are lots of ways to use these simple pieces to encourage imagination, build vocabulary, and just generally have fun and inspire a love of reading!

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