Friday, April 20, 2018

Week of the Young Child 2018

Well, somehow I missed the fact that this week was the Week of the Young Child!  But there's still today to celebrate all those little and amazing people (and then of course there's every other day of the year, too :) ) 

So how to celebrate?!  I'll pick two of my favorites from NAEYC's site...

NAEYC suggests fitting in an art activity or two, and has some nice guidelines to help parents fit it into their busy days.  I think these work for teachers and librarians, too, of course!  If you're scrambling for ideas, I've gathered a ton of ideas for preschoolers and toddlers over on my Pinterest Boards.

In the art area of my classroom, I had the following blurb posted, so that teachers new to my philosophy of "encouragement rather than praise" had some ideas for talking with children about their art...
What to say at the easel/in the art area:

You used lots of paint today!
That yellow is so bright!
Do you want to talk to me about your painting?
Your hands were moving in big circles when you made those marks…

Say what you see!
(and remember that it is ok to say nothing)
As you probably already know, many of my flannel boards are musical, and if they aren't, I sing them anyway :)  Below are just a few of my favorites--I love the fact that singing and dancing with children builds so many skills--fine motor, gross motor, early literacy, math...the list goes on!  Best part?  It's FUN!

And don't forget to check out Flannel Friday's Pinterest Boards and Tumbler Page for a zillion flannel board ideas!

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