Friday, February 24, 2017

Flannel Friday Roundup 2/24

Woo hoo!  It's time for Flannel Friday! 

Here's this week's Roundup...

First up is Laura at One for the Books.  She shares a great Hide and Seek Mystery Box set, as well as a Wall-Sized Tretris game!!  (Hey--my favorite preschool game and my favorite 1980's study hall game!)

Mariah at has such a fun new take on Way Up High in the Apple Tree.  I have to borrow this idea!

Star Trek fans unite, and head over to check out Keith's The Grand Old Captain Kirk.  You will not be disappointed.

But wait, there's more!  Amy at OneLittleLibrarian shares a sweet Hello Winter set and song (with a linky to the tune) that is perfect for winter--but easily adaptable to all seasons.

Jessica at StorytimeintheStacks has a collaborative Let's Build a Neighborhood set that is right up my alley (ha!)--and she includes a link to a template!!

We've also got a guest post from Karen in the Santa Clara library system.  She shared a beautiful set based on the book Jack's Garden.

And here's a second guest post, this one from Dana!  (Yay for non-bloggers getting on the Flannel Friday train!)  Dana shares Mittens and Green Peas!

Heather shares a totally adorable set of books and book worm, which can be used as a variation of Little Mouse, and also as a smart little library-themed take on Down Around the Corner.  She also shares a wonderful superhero set, with lots of rhymes and songs to go along with it!

Shawn at Read, Rhyme and Sing shares such a fun and simple Cat in the Hat set for children to use independently--and also a shot of her library's flannelboard after children have had their way with it :)

And finally, I've made a new set for one of my favorite songs, Over in the Meadow.
Thank you to everyone 
for your contributions this week! 

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  1. I have two flannelboards to share! One is a Mouse in the House type game, but with books and a bookworm: and the other is a superhero themed one that focuses on counting and colors:> I have a lot more, but I'll save those for future roundups :)

  2. I have one to add. Thanks for taking a late addition!