Thursday, February 23, 2017

Over in the Meadow

Finally!  I have been trying to make a new Over in the Meadow felt set for at least a year.  I think I was overwhelmed with the number of pieces--I had planned to make the accompanying scenery like sand, tree, beehive, etc.  But when I gave myself permission to just do the animal babies and their moms, it all came together :)

My animals are based on google and Etsy clipart searches.  My eyeballs are cut using a Cuttlebug--no way can I make my circles that neat with a pair or scissors!
(This set isn't available at my Etsy Shop, but lots of other goodies are.  Please visit me there!)

I love this song so much--I have four versions of the book in my classroom--not even including the Over in the Garden, Arctic, Jungle and Ocean versions!  

Here are links to my Over in the Meadow books:
Over in the Meadow  Absolutely love the cd that goes with this one!
Over in the Meadow  Why do Jane Cabrera books go out of print??
Over in the Meadow  Our copy of this is a Big Book
Over in the Meadow  This is nice for one-one-one, but the illustrations are not good for group story times

I'm hosting Flannel Friday this week--and you can find the roundup here!  For more FF fun and information, please visit the blogFacebook page, or Pinerest page!  And share these links with your co-librarians or co-teachers. The more we share, the better!

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