Little Snail

I completely stole this idea from Rachel the Librarian, the local librarian who comes to our classroom on the first Wednesday of every month.  Though she used a little clip art worm under her leaves (rather than the felt snail I'm using), it was her genius use of real leaves that grabbed my attention.  Now granted, I will most likely make felt versions so this will be easy to do at any time (since the real leaves will dry out and crumble).  But I just love the idea of using the real leaves so the kids are exposed to them (in more ways than just trudging through them on their sidewalks :) )  

I used the baby snail from my Animal Pairs set.  

You can do this rhyme using colors, shapes, and real leaf names:

Little snail, little snail, playing hide and seek
Are you under the __________ leaf?
Let's take a peek!

PS:  Stick a little velcro dot to the back of the leaves to make them stick to the board.  Or a little loop of tape will work, too...

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