Monday, October 3, 2016

It's a Costume!

I've been holding off on posting this till the Flannel Friday Halloween Extravaganza, so now's the time!  I made this over a year ago, and if I were doing it now I would have copied the idea but not the exact pieces.  It is adorable, but I wish I had made it my own instead of just plagiarizing...Oh, well!

This flannel board poem is definitely one of the most popular chants I've done with children!  I love it because it addresses that "I'm a little worried about this whole costume thing" issue that some kids have at Halloween, and also because it is adorable.  Sue at Library Village is responsible for both redeeming qualities!  I copied and pasted her images, printed them out, and used them as my templates.  
Felt Halloween Animal Costumes

That's a Costume - by Miss Sue (with a few changes by me)

Over there I see a ghost!  My, oh my, a scary ghost!!

Mom (or Dad, or The Grown Ups) says "Oh, it's all okay--it's just a costume! Take it away-

And you’ll see it’s your friend sheep, out on Halloween night!"Felt Halloween Animal Costumes 2

The children picked up on the poem immediately.  They love it so much that I scanned my pieces, printed them out on card stock, laminated them and applied velcro to the animals.  I showed the kids how to use them on table top flannel boards (since the costumes won't stick to the animals, the kid version doesn't work on the vertical flannel board they often like to use), and they use these constantly whenever we have them available. 

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