Five Little Pumpkins

These things have been a life saver this year in my Two Year Old class!  One of my little girls has been having a hard time with coming to school and being away from home for the first time.  One morning when she was having a particularly tear-filled morning, I remembered her mom mentioning that she loved the book Five Little Pumpkins.  I quickly pulled the book from it's spot in our musical books basket, and ran to the drawer full of finger puppets to nab these fellows.  The minute she saw them, all was well!  She carried at least one of the jack-o-lantern finger puppets around with her the rest of the morning, and we did the chant at least ten times that day!

Of course there are also the more traditional ways to use these :)  I put them on when we're reading the book or just saying the chant.  Sometimes we invite the children up and each child puts on a finger puppet (or holds a laminated, large pumpkin) and speaks their part of the chant.  This one just never gets old :)

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