Friday, July 15, 2016

Hey Diddle Diddle

This is going to be a super quick post!  Just hoping to make it in on time for Flannel Friday!

I'm planning to do a series of good old nursery rhymes--so here's Hey Diddle Diddle (with pieces unglued and fabric paint still wet!  Forgive the messy fiddle--I will likely be redoing him!):

Flannel Friday is being hosted this week by Kate at Felt Board Magic.  You cafind a huge assortment of ideas at Flannel Friday's Pinterest Board, and other goodies at the Flannel Friday Facebook Page and  FF blog.

This particular set isn't for sale, but please stop by my Etsy Shop where you'll find lots of my other sets for sale!


  1. Thanks Kathryn! I googled Kawaii nursery rhymes and the first one up was my pattern :)