Friday, February 19, 2016

Flannel Friday Roundup for 2/19

It's a super light roundup this week--but I'll be happy to add anyone to the roundup if you include a linky and a comment below by Sunday evening!  The more the merrier :)

Now for the roundup!

First off, we've got chickens!!  It's always Fun with Friends at Storytime, and this week is no different!  Kathryn has posted a cute and colorful Hens of Different Colors file folder rhyme, and she even links to many other wonderful chicken ideas she's blogged about in the past.  I think spring must be in the air...

And I'm sharing There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea.

Since we're so light this week, I'll add another!  I originally shared Who Sank the Boat in November, but that was before I had joined Flannel Friday, so hopefully it will be new to many of you!

 Don't forget to check out lots of other ideas at Flannel Friday's blog or Pinterest page!  And feel free to add your contribution below in the comments section so we can make this a more boisterous Flannel Friday!  I'll keep it open till Sunday evening.


  1. Thanks for hosting this week. I've got a chicken file folder rhyme: